How Quantum Physics Applies To Fitness

I like to write about connections. Recently, I’ve been fascinated by quantum physics because of an interesting parallel to a fitness conundrum that I often think about. When it comes to health which is more relevant, systemic problems or personal accountability? Is it our systems and society that cause poor

Fitness: The Great Connector

One of the things that I find most interesting about fitness is how much it ties into the rest of the world. I was at a networking event organized by Be Social Change (a great organization to know, btw) and was surprised at how many people and organizations I’d heard

Why Fitness Articles Are So Flawed

Not to sound like a Grinch during the Holidays, but, fitness articles have a bad habit. Every individual study that comes out gets turned into a fitness tip. In reality, scientific concepts are based on the overall picture that emerges after many studies over many years have been conducted and