Boxing With Purpose

BoxingBoxing is a popular form of exercise and can be a very challenging cardiovascular and muscular endurance activity. Unfortunately, it is sometimes simply thrown into a routine for fun, without being connected to an overall program. What we want, is to take a couple of fundamental principles from boxing that integrate beautifully into a larger, general fitness picture and apply them smartly to help you raise your game. Continue reading

The Comparison Game

I was in a conversation recently in which an interesting thought about nutrition came up. The question was whether or not  some of the discussions in popular culture around food could be backfiring. Consider the film Super Size Me as an example. There, the star of the film feeds himself exclusively food form McDonald’s for an entire month. This experiment definitely served to make some important points about the dark side of fast food. On the other hand, might it also open the door to saying “well, at least I don’t eat like that guy!” Continue reading

Rows – Three Mistakes To Avoid


Rows are a basic and hugely important exercise for almost everyone. In today’s world of long hours spent hunched over computers, Ipads, cell phones, Nooks, and so forth our posture suffers greatly. Strengthening the muscles of your back in order to restore and maintain good posture is critical. It is also an exercise that I see being performed incorrectly far more often than not. Here are some tips to get the most out of it. Continue reading

Losing Our Collective Lunch


I have a client who struggles to find time to get to the gym. Recently, I put together a very simple kettlebell routine for him that could be done in 30 minutes. With a gym right across the street it would be easy for him to squeeze this in during his lunch break. Once back he could eat a packed lunch that he brought at his desk. The problem – he does not take a lunch break. Continue reading

Is Your Hip-Hinge Missing?


The Hip hinge is the fundamental of hip movement.  The goal is to flex the hip without bending the spine – In layman’s terms: bend over without rounding your back. The hip hinge is important in a host of common exercises including: deadlifts, squats, lunges, hyperextensions, goodmornings, ab rollouts, mountain climbers, and many more. Continue reading

Many Benefits of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


Community Supported Agriculture, often shortened to CSA, is a way for communities to have access to locally grown foods in their area. They often operate with a subscription or membership. Subscribers then receive a box of fresh produce from the farm on a weekly basis. This arrangement has huge benefits for your health and fitness and it also has major added benefits to your local community and to the environment at large. Continue reading

The Single Legged Deadlift – Three Mistakes To Avoid


The Single Legged Deadlift has become a relatively common exercise. It is especially good and is often used for those with knee trouble, especially conditions like IT Band syndrome, also known as runner’s knee. I’d like to highlight three very common mistakes that reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. Continue reading